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Dragon’s Erf is the Amazon bestselling fantasy series from S.R. Langley.

Follow Roger and Mary in this fast, fun, action-packed fantasy adventure series set in an alternate 1950’s “Inglande”,
in a world riddled with magic, witchcraft, mythical creatures, fairy legends and a battle between the Over-Erf and
Under-Erf for the last Dragon’s Egg.

You’ll love the Dragon’s Erf Book Series if you:

  • Like fantasy, historical and science fiction
  • Are a child, young adult or adult
  • Are a fan of J.R.R. Tolkein, George R. R. Martin, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman and J.K. Rowling

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Join Roger & Mary

Take Flight In Dragon's Erf

Meet Roger, the Hero

13-year-old middle-classed Roger Briggs has been taught to believe there is no such thing as Magic… His only interests are his own scientific pursuits; studying bugs and is a loner whom lives in an alternative 1950’s “Inglande” in a world called “Erf”.

Meet Mary, the Heroine

Then a collision with the nature loving, Mary Madam, occurs. A strong-headed and rebellious young girl whom lives in Grannie Maddam’s caravan in the woods.

Good Woods, Bad Woods and a Dragon’s Egg

This rapidly leads them into adventures they could never have believed possible, let alone imagine. And soon, these two seemingly mismatched loners are drawn into a daring rescue and an incredible escape, from the most unbelievable and deadliest forces of evil existing on, or under, Planet Erf: The Psychonomy and the Fire-Worm Lords of the Core.

About S. R. Langley

Steve was born last Century in the year of the Rabbit and was raised in the Warrens of “Lundun”, but after 18 years sleepy sojourn in the leafy suburbs set forth to seek his fame and fortune on the Seven High Seas.

After some years circumnavigating Planet Erf, getting dizzy and then bored, he returned home to his beloved “Inglande” where he eventually married settled down with his beloved wife and after some years passed, discovered he had a family of five children – all whom he shared loving memories with till the very end.

Before he sadly passed on 30 Dec 2021 from a two year battle with cancer, he was embarked upon creating the epic fantasy series – DRAGON’S ERF.

With the help of his family and friends he was able to write and publish the first four books in the series before he passed and more books based on his written notes are now in the works…


S. R. Langley
Writer & Poet

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