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Steven Ronald Langley was born last Century in the year of the Rabbit and was raised in the Warrens of “Lundun”, but after 18 years sleepy sojourn in the leafy suburbs set forth to seek his fame and fortune on the Seven High Seas.

After some years circumnavigating Planet Erf, getting dizzy and then bored, he returned home to his beloved “Inglande” where he eventually married and settled down with his beloved wife Bibi. After some years passed, he discovered to his great surprise that he had a family of five children; Tony, Sarah, Jed, Shane and Becci. All of his children are now fully grown and have gone on to build their own successful careers around Erf.

An Accomplished Poet

Steven was an accomplished poet having written more than 1000 poems and short stories over several decades and presented at many festivals around Inglande. He had a keen insight and was a wordsmith to rival even the greats such as Shakespeare.

In recent years, Steven had embarked on creating the epic young adult fantasy series – DRAGONS ERF.

It was during this time he was diagnosed with Cancer but this would not deter him and with the help of his family and friends he was able to write and publish the first four books in the series.

Sadly in 2021, Steven passed away after a long battle with Cancer. He was the most loving Husband, Father and Grandfather and is sorely missed. His children have dedicated themselves to continuing his legacy by making his books available in all formats and fully intend to complete his magical story through Dragon’s Erf. The adventure continues.

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